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Knot Just Beads: Works by Bead/Fiber Artist Jane Olson-Phillips

Dates: February 2014-March 2014

The inspiring portfolio of knotted fiber pieces and modern bead work of Baton Rouge resident Jane Olson-Phillips was the basis for Knot Just Beads: Works by Bead/Fiber Artist Jane Olson-Phillips.  The exhibit encompassed over 100 works by the artist and international bead, stone, and fossil collector, and included jewelry composed of antique and new hand-made beads, knotted fiber jewelry, painted clay tile and knotted fiber wall art, and clay masks.   Beads ranged in material type from glass, stone, fossil, wood, metal, ceramic, plastic to clay. The knotted fiber work presented used both natural and synthetic fibers.  Supplementing Phillips’s work was antique and vintage jewelry pieces that she donated to the LSU Textile and Costume Museum.

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