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* This past exhibition has a virtual scrapbook

Hemline@LSU: Students Promoting Fashion and Philanthropy

Knot Just Beads: Works by Bead/Fiber Artist Jane Olson-Phillips

In the Couture Tradition: The Gowns of Suzanne Perron

Paris and New York: A Tale of Two Fashion Cities

The French Connection: LSU, 1936: An Exhibition of LSU French House Pottery

Dressed for Eternity: Mid-Nineteenth Century Burial Dress in Louisiana

Christian Dior's 1947 New Look: From Paris to New York to Baton Rouge

Converting Commodity Bags: Recycling Circa 1940 *

Preserving Heritage Through One Family's Treasures: The Louisiana Purchase Years and Beyond

Twentieth Century Cinderellas: Women and Their Aprons *

What We Wore Under Oaks and Arches: The Early Years *

Unfolding Expressions: Fans from the Spindler Collection

Giving the Cajuns a Lift: The Acadian Handicraft Project *

Threads and Treads of The Past: Prehistoric Fabrics and Footwear from Louisiana and Missouri 6400 B.C. to 1200 A.D. *

Joyful Improvisations: The Quilts of Anna Williams *

Quilts of the Cane River Plantation *

Dream Stitches: Baby’s Layette *

Timeline LSU *

Acadian Textiles: Products of Family Heritage

Historical Modes: Design Inspirations

A World of Dolls: The Dabney Collection and Beyond *

Costumes of Mexico *




























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