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Costumes of Mexico

Exhibition Dates: September 4 - October 30, 1992

The exhibition Costumes of Mexico was produced through the cooperation of the LSU School of Human Ecology and the university's Mexican Student Association and was the first exhibition in the newly-established Museum Gallery.  Because dress in Mexico ranges from the most current of international fashions found in Mexico City to centuries-old forms of traditional dress worn in isolated villages, a practice becoming increasingly rare in the world.  The later was chosen as the focus of the exhibit.  Exhibited artifacts illustrated the country's Indian population in its retention of ancestral forms of dress, using variations to distinguish individual villages and wearing elaborately woven and embroidered clothing in their everyday lives.  Costumes and textiles from six states and ten different cultural groups were included and provided a glimpse of the wide variety of textiles and styles of dress that are worn in Mexico's thirty-two states by more than fifty different Indigenous peoples.  Visit the virtual scrapbook for this exhibition.

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