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Giving the Cajuns a Lift: The Acadian Handicraft Project

Exhibition Dates: February 27 - June 30, 2000

The Louisiana State University based Acadian Handicraft Project, its origins, its dynamic director Louise Olivier, its craftspeople, and the success of its preservation efforts as evidenced long after its end was examined in Giving the Cajuns a Lift. The exhibit informed the viewer not only of Olivier’s extraordinary efforts to promote traditional Acadian handiwork such as hand weaving, palmetto braiding and French hand sewing, but also of a post World War II cottage industry that grew out of her passion, in an era before many women in rural south Louisiana communities sought employment outside the home. Original project records and correspondence, oral histories obtained from craftspeople, and extant artifacts bearing the Acadian Handicraft label enhanced the exhibition and documented the project’s accomplishments. Visit the virtual scrapbook for this exhibition.

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